The debut of the Relevanz Group

In January 2016 I met with my friend and fellow artist Ben Springer and we discussed how we could break into the art scene without having to go through and art gallery. After a long and heated discussion we came to the conclusion that we needed to form a group and DIY our own show. We picked a topic, relevance, and went from there. We then went about assembling a team of artists from 5 different countries, a project manager, Sandra Plessing, and a curator, Frank Berger from Kunst Konzil, and Sebastian Denda from the Westpol Airspace and made it happen.

After a lot of hard work and administrative madness, we launched a crowd-funding campaign to fund the event, secured a space through the Westpol Airspace and got several bands to provide entertainment. The show was the launch of the Relevanz Crew’s ongoing project to insure that regardless of out position in the art world we will always have a platform in which we will be able to make art that challenges ourselves and an audience with whom we can engage with.

The artists involved in this exhibition included:

  1. Alexander Kavtea (Germany)
  2. Benjamin Springer (Germany)
  3. Clement Roche (France)
  4. Craig Wilson (Scotland)
  5. Jerry Jordan (USA)
  6. Ryan Van Rensburg (South Africa)

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